The First wives Club

The First Wives Club! sorry The Title (above)Isn't very good, I messed it up! Oh well!:o)

This page is going to be dedicated to "The First Wives Club" (if you already hadn't off guessed).

Main Characters

Brenda Morelli: Bette Midler
Annie MacDuggan Paradise: Diane Keaton
Elise Elliot Actison: Goldie hawn

This Star movie also includes: Maggie Smith, Sarah Jessica parker, Heather Locklear, Rob Reiner and Ivana Trump.

Interesting Fact: The choreographer, who did "You don't own me" was the choreographer for "Grease".

Bette, Diane and Goldie.

My fave Part - I die Laughing!!

Lots more to come...

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