Some Fabulous Bette Midler Links

Here are some of My favourite Bette Links Which I visit weekly.They are all Very Very Very Good. I know that each of these pages have had Lots of Hard work put into them, I recommend them All, But If you are short of Time or Want to Find something Specific on Bette Try Looking st the Site's with a * next to them, as they are the Bigger sites on The web. I know I have missed out on a few and will catch up on them soon, Please Mail me and tell me if yours Is one I have missed. Thanks. Sorry Also there is so far no OFFICIAL bette Midler on the web, these are all fan created pages.

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* Bette Midler Forever
* Bettewriter
Divine Bette
Free E*mail Address's
Bette Midler ETC
*The Bette Midler Webpage
Simply Divine
The Best of Bette
Bette Topia
The Shrine for Divine
* Salute to Bette Midler
Lauras Little Bette Midler Page
Tanyas Bette Page
Experemce The Divine
Paiges Bette Page
Experience The Divine
The Divine Bette Midler
Bette Chive
The Divine Miss M - A Bette Midler Scrapbook
* The Bette Midler Museum
* Bette Keepers
Under The Boardwalk.. My Beaches Page
The Divine Diva
The Lyrics and Laughs of Bette Midler
Bette Midler Concert Posters