An Introdution to Bathhouse Betty

Well as I said My name is Rebecca. I live all the way at the bottom of the world in a place called New Zealand. I am soon going to begin on my new page with the URL of I am the as you could say "ex-owner" of Bette Land. I was just not happy with it so I decided to begin again, I almost made 1 full year. I really enjoy making pages, HTML Is hard but quite easy once you get use to it, you start doing things you don't even think about doing. Well, what else can I say? A bit about Bette..I became a BIG Fan about 5 years ago, thanks to a close friend of mine who showed me "Beaches", My Friend Anna (She is a bit like a sister she's 25) really liked bette, I remember when I couldn't bileive that somebody could sing and Act at the same time (Like Bette did on Beaches) After The first time I watched I cryed and I thought That C.C was mean. Anna then went but fogot "Beaches", The next day which was a school day, I was sick So I stayed home watching Vid's. I watched "Beaches" about 4 times, In the one day, I played "Under The Boardwalk" so many times That the tape was so hot it didn't go..I now own Beaches after a 3 year hunt to find it and still cry even though I have seen it a billion-million Times.

Sorry, I got a bit carried away telling you the whole story, So I guess you should go back and surf and SIGN my book and page.Please feel free to E*mail me and Tell me why you like Bette or just to chat. Thanks for reading!

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