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I get so many questions about bette that I don't have time to answer them singley so here is the most frequently asked questions.

I have heard that the poi ball's bette uses on Diva Las Vagas come from New Zealand, can you tell me where to get them?

No, I can't. You have to come over here to get some made, BUT you can make them your self, heres how-

1) Get  2 round things of fluff or wool or something squishy, then get  2 normal plastic bags, and cut of the handles and wrap them really tight around the each ball of fluff, then using tape, at the bottom tie it so the fluff won't fall out, then sut of all the scrapy stuff.

2) plait  2 handle things using wool, then simply attach it to your ball and you have ...Pois's!!

Does Bette have an E-mail Address, if so could you give it to me?

No, One, she doen't have and e-mail address and two, she won't want lots of e-mail from fans, but you can write to her here..

All Girl Productions 
100 Universal City Plaza
Prod. Bdg. 507 Stc 4C
Universal City, CA 91608

Where can I buy Bette  CD's and Tapes?

Got to   and get any CD of Bettes.

Do you personally know Bette?

In my dreams, guys!:o) LOL            


Got any other  Questions?E-mail me at- .